Upton-by-Chester High School

Upton-by-Chester High school is a large 11-18 School with 1500 students and 200 staff, which presents many challenging situations, for which recorded evidence is paramount to resolve issues.

Due to poor service standards, and equipment which no longer met with the school requirements, the contract to maintain the school security camera network was awarded to SEI in April 2014.

Since SEI has taken over the servicing of the site security equipment, substantial cost savings have been achieved, and we now have fully functional equipment. A speedy response to service issues gives the school peace of mind that down time on the camera equipment is minimised.

Cost effective suggestions put forward by SEI to improve the camera network, has significantly improved the level of security on site. In addition, the picture quality from the new cameras has improved the success rate of accurately identifying perpetrators. I am totally happy with the service and advice received from SEI, and would fully recommend their services to other schools.
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